to shine like a starstrewn sky

the shy proposal of a sixth-grade boy

To my future wife.

Hi, hello! I’m in the sixth grade of elementary school.

As I’m practically a man now, I realize I must begin to think about what kind of wife I will marry when I grow up.

You will probably be very kind, and believe in Jesus, because that is my ideal type.

And you must be very good at piano, so when I sing hymns, you can play for me, and my five sons will play guitar for me backstage. Five sons are good, don’t you think? I hope my sons will grow up to be fine, strong men like me. We will be a very musical family.

I can’t hit my sons very well, because I understand their feelings too well. I’ve had a lot of experience that way. So can you scold our sons for me instead?

I hope you have a lot of property so we can build a big house.

I don’t care much for appearances, as long as you don’t look like a mangled dog.

When our children grow up and marry like I want to marry you,

We will move to the country and visit many beautiful places, taking photographs of ourselves for memories. Ah! I don’t like taking pictures, but I will take them with you for our memories.

By the way, I’m not even sure if you exist or not. Because I might not even marry. I might be martyred for my beliefs instead. I think that life would make me just as happy.

Um. I thought this letter would be very hard for me to write, because I can’t imagine how you look like or what your personality is like. But, when I picked up my pencil, I found unexpectedly many things to write about.

Have good health and wait for me until we meet.

Then that day, my future wife, I will write to you again: I love you.

One response

  1. This is wonderful! Very honest.

    January 25, 2014 at 2:44 pm

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