Tonight I listen

To the drip of the raindrops

Pearled on the eaves,

And with each faraway plink

I remember

And regret

Every time

I hurt the feelings

Or forfeited the love

Of another,

Through my mistakes,

Through my own hurt,

Through my thoughtlessness.

My friend who once admired me

As much as I admired her,

Another who once said

I was – perfection,

Only to find the deep flaws

Running through my cracked nature,

One whom I would have laid down

My life to serve,

Instead I bloodied and tarnished,

In revenge for the blood I shed,

Dear God, you most of all

Accept my wounds

And fill my wasted barrenness,

Yet I worse than rejected—

I forgot you.

I’m sorry,

I whisper – I wish I could tell you

I’m sorry.

Is it too late

To try again?

Tonight I cup my hands

In the shining night

To catch the raindrops

Pearling on the eaves,

Still falling,

Still saying,

I’m sorry.

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